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Nice little game! 3/5 and Seal of Semmonen

Great character designs, I like the player choice, and how intense the game can get. Amazing work for the time constraint.

Well done! The ink sounds are on point


Very fun! This game has incredible art, sound effects, and most of all, game feel! I love the blurred edges, it really helps give the feeling that you are underwater. This is very impressive for 3 days :) The only critical thing this needs is a way to replay or credits when you beat the game. Otherwise, this game is great! Keep up the great work all of you! :D

Thank you for commenting!! We really apreciate  the feedback.

It seems that "replay option after beating the game" is a popular request hahaha


No problem! I really enjoyed the game! :D

Hehe, yeah :P

Fun little game. :) Need a way to restart after you beat it.

Thank you very much for the comment!!

I'll make sure to add that function in my next game jam :D